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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Round and Round the Tickets Go, when it's gonna STOP, nobody knows :(

I've recently heard form a friend that he's finding it extremely difficult not to mention annoying to get his issue resolved. And yes, this is regarding the UNBLOCKING of accounts. For privacy's purpose, I will not enclose his name or Studio Traffic SCAM username. Actually I don't think he knows I'm writing about hsi problem here. Anyway....

He sent a ticket almost a month ago (or has is already lapsed 1 month...) explaining to the ST Electronic Help Desk that his account was blocked, and that he was not in profit. According to him, the ticket included ALL the details, including transaction numbers etc. Basically, he started with a hundred dollars... then he took out money less than that. After that, some of his friends used his Studio Pay account to withdraw some cash... whcih was allowed by SCAM-master John Horan at the time. (Now there're newer rules... and as usual, these rules ARE NOT AT ALL COMMUNICATED TO THE USERS IN AN EFFICIENT MANNER!)

Then, he decided to compound, and then put in another sum of cash from his pocket. He did not say how much, but according to him, it could pay someone's monthly salary.

After giving all the details, which also had the total of upgrades from his own pocket, his total withdrawals (excluding his friends'), and also the latest upgrade and also withdrawal.

But after all that, the EHD supervisor, asked for proof....

Since my unlucky friend upgraded thru someone elses Studio Pay account (which was in September 2005) now they are aksing for proof that they themselves have no record of (ST I mean). And when he went over to LHD, he got NO HELP at all as usual. THey should change the name of LHD to probably LMF (Live Mo#$% Fuc#$%$?)

Anyway... I told my friend that... most probably, there a 99% chance that he wont ever see his money again. ST is going back and forth back and forth... from EHD to LHD, from LHD back to EHD.

EHD asked him to give proof... he went to LHD for assistance... LHD directed him back to EHD... (Submit a ticket please...)

EHD and LHD, are a bunch of liars....
thieves working together with John Horan to scam people's money more and more

It could be true that John is trying to make something out of ST... but they way he's doing it... surely is gonna make ST fall in the future. Many are starting to go to other Ponzis such as 12 Daily and others that I dont know of... (I dont care actuallY)

Just hoping people who have decided to join ST... please do not :(
FOr they are:

2) FREAKIN DICTATORS - Follow our rules... or please... "move on"....
3) IDIOTIC - I'm targetting this at John in particular... he never seems to give any good input

And lots of other stuff that you can only find out if you join....
Which... btw... I dont think you should join... cuz it would save tons and tons of money spent
on aspirins and paracetamols.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Studio Traffic has Studio Shopper Updated? ... or is it all BULL!!!

Still can see this statement when I logon to my ST account, which by now I think is already defunct!

Your account is currently unable to surf, withdraw or upgrade. Please contact Live Help for assistance so that we can schedule a meeting for you. If you have followed our TOS and provide us with any requested information we can get your account services restored quickly.

If you are not in profit or have compounded your account please submit a ticket to the: Non Profit/Compounded Account Department of the Email Help Desk and your surfing will be reinstated.

Here is a list of the meeting dates and times, please choose two dates and times that are best suited for you to attend, if your first choice is full you will be assigned to your second choice:

Malaysia, Singapore & Australia members

1 AM, 3:30 AM, 6:00 AM, and 8:30 AM server time
Dec 2nd through Dec 18th

UK members
10am, 2pm and 6pm GMT
Monday through Friday beginning Dec 5th through Dec 21st

No idea when its gonna get unblocked (If it ever gets)...

Anyway, just one post today, since I haven't posted for so long (cuz I know it won't do anybody any good)

Just went to the Studio Shopper website. Darn! It's alive. LOL! And has lots of new stuff. Is John actually wanting to make ST legitimate?

Like I said, I had that small place in my heart for ST to become what it claims it wants to become. But after all the B.S. the LHD and the ticket department has given me, it's quite safe to say that they're scammers :(

Or if not... pretty dumb ass business people.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Delaying its demise?

I've been talking with my friend about our Studio Traffic accounts. And we've sort'a made our own 'wild' guess about what's gonna come in 2006 :P

Since John's been telling everybody that 2006 is gonna be very very interesting, I can't help thinking about the spoils of 2005. The Global Advertising Campaign 'surprise', the US Account Blocks, the UK-Malaysia-Singapore-Australia Account Blocks, and not to mention the sudden change of rules... one of them being the ONE ACCOUNT ONLY and MAX-IT-UP-TO-80K!!!

With John asking people to give MORE of their money to fill up the 60K (80 minus 20...20 being the old maximum), it would seem that the ST management would have an interesting 2006 indeed. They might just (and that's a big MIGHT) run away with all the dough and leave all the 'optimist' burnt!

Another issue that strikes me as foolish is John's optimism to rake in legitimate advertisers. I mean... almost everyone knows that the autosurfing business are MOSTLY run by ponzis... which legitimate money-making business would want to advertise with them? With Studio Traffic not to mention. The company that's been giving soooo much problems to members for the past 2 to 3 months.


Anyway, let's just keep our fingers crossed. For those of you who haven't got your money back... it is highly reccommended that you put in no more. I doubt anybody is upgrading out-of-pocket nowadays... especially from Malaysia and Singapore. I know for a fact that the former has thousands (if not tens of thousands) of people enrolled in John's scam. Pity for the not-knowers... but shame on the cheerleaders who know that the Ponzi WILL DIE!!! And at the same time you cheerleaders are still promoting ST and setting up sales teams... and FORCING people to join not to mention :(


2006 will tell (or maybe sooner than that? Who knows... John changes is rules so often, that you might never know when he changes his decision to live? He might make another dumb decision such as cutting his oxygen supply and fall flat dead?... Hmmmm... now that's a thaught. Har har har!!!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lorraine B Answers

I don't know about the rest of you guys who've been blocked by Studio Traffic, but this one person gives you this.

After asking for his/her account (which is lower than $100 account level) to be unblocked, this respond was received (and the ticket CLOSED!)


Please be advised that we have received a tremendous number of tickets regarding the surfing services blocking.

If you have already attended a meeting and have a ticket open in your specific Country department please contain your response to that

Many members have opened multiple tickets for the same issue which is creating a huge backlog and delay
in our ability to answer and resolve tickets in a timely manner.

If your issue has been resolved or you have additional tickets open, please close all but one and contain your response to that

If your issue has not been dealt with and you have not attended or requested a meeting please reopen this ticket and include any usernames for multiple
accounts or accounts that are in the same family/household as yourself.

If you do NOT have a ticket open regarding this issue, please reopen this ticket and provide the requested information.
Please respond to this ticket by clicking on the Tracking URL near the bottom of this response and adding your reply there. Do not send an email as the information may not get matched back up to the correct ticket.


Typical of a ponzi
Closing tickets so that they dont need to answer them... or even do anything for the accounts.

I mean, for an account whose level is lower than $100... what harm can it do?
To withdraw alone requires a level of 100 or greater?

ST isn't going down yet....
It's just trying to suck in more $$$ so that more and more people could be

Monday, December 12, 2005

Change of Terms and Conditions

It seems that Studio Traffic has again changed its Terms and Conditions.

The thing that bugs me with ST is that... (besides the fact that it's striving to survive)... is that the communication with members.

For those who dont realize that they need to be an active participant or at least, reader of the ST forum... they won't know SHAIT!!! That's because most members who find out the 'hard' way always go there for explanations!!!

Plus... John Horan NEVER sends out emails to members telling them about updates.
I seiosly wonder... why?
Almost every GOOD company has an emailing system. And if ST wants to be together with the TOP companies in the world (but I doubt that becuz ST is a PONZI!!!!), they should seriously consider this.

Anyway... Just to inform that the maximum account level now is US 80K!
And members (new members I understand) can only have ONE account. No more sponsoring yourself, and also... no more surfing for downlines.

I wonder EVEYTIME!!!
Why is ST still trying to stay alive when indeed they know that they are going to run away with people's cash one day?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Studio Traffic Still Trying T Live

John has aksed members to attend meetings (chat conferences) thru paltalk.
First of all, I dont understand why he insists on using Paltalk. It's CRAPPY! Why not just use IRC instead. Better in terms of moderation.


Regarding the meeting, the Studio Traffic says that, those who attend the meeting would be confirmed as the non-scammers. Oh. Did I mention that the main reason why UK, Singaporean, Australian and Malaysin members were blocked was becuz of somebody created 4000 accounts under him self?

Well... thats the reason :)

Anyway... Back to the meeting. ... Ok. according to John, those who attend the meeting would be confirmed as 'living' members. Account holders NOT attenting the meeting would thus be... the FAKE 4000 accounts.

... That's kinda dumb... Why?

1) John never put this thing on the member page...
2) Studio Traffic still does not have the common sense to email all members regarding this issue. Main reason John Freakin Horan will give... "People wont react well to it. So it's better to just block everyone straight away."
3) How is John going to handle all these few million people in online conferences? And... only GOD knows what devious plans he has up his sleeves. Argh!

In short... ST sucks BIG TIME! ST is really2 becoming a scam in my eyes. The glimpse of hope that I had for them has faded into the 1% zone. Darn... but still, I have that 1% hope. LOL!

Anyway, I would recommend people to stay away from ST... or any other Autosurf that promises 1% and above. That's TOO HIGH A PERCENTAGE TO BE RETURNING!!!
I mean, the Stock Market cant even do that.

So, Studio Traffic, 12 Daily Pro (even tho still ok, but I believe that its a Ponzi)... 10 Daily and all those other auto-SHARKS!!! Stay away from them. Stick to the legitimate ways of doing business.

ST... you SUCK!

Friday, December 02, 2005

A Gloomy Day - More Are BLOCKED

Today, I logged onto to my ST account. And it says that I'm blocked from:

1) Surfing
2) Withdrawing
3) Upgrading (i.e. compounding or giving those blood-sucker more $$$)

The exact message is:

Your account is currently unable to surf, withdraw or upgrade. Please contact Live Help for assistance so that we can schedule a meeting for you. If you have followed our TOS and provide us with any requested information we can get your account services restored quickly.

But still, I kept my cool. For one thing, I sort of expected something like this. But not this soon.

Anyway, I decided to visit Live Help Desk (LHD) before even attemtping to go into the forum. Cuz that's what all the ST mods have told people before. So, as a good ST member, I went to LHD.

To my UN-surprise (if there is such a phrase), the LHD is unaccessible. I dont know why. Too many connections, or possibly they just all ran off due to the scam that ST is turning out to be.

Still.. I kept my cool. Now was the time to visit the forum. I already had some reservations about going to the forum... and... voila! I was greeted by this message when I typed in the URL

"Hello members

It is not unusual for our forum to crash on payday due to the spike in traffic. Members should not panic over this small matter.
We have members Msning us telling us that they are seeing a lot of members posting that StudioTraffic is going down just because the forum crashed.

StudioTraffic is not so fragile. Remember back to this time last year when we had incidences where members could not surf for nearly 3 months. No one complained. We did not see members posting everywhere about it and we survived. We have programmers working around the clock, specifically for times such as this.

The StudioTraffic site is up and running. Do not worry about the forum being down as long as the site itself is up

If you are concerned, please go to our Help Desk(s) so that our staff can keep you informed on what is going on.

StudioTraffic is strong and will continue to be strong, please do not stress yourselves over minor issues such as overloading on our Forum server."

Ok. I think...

"What a bunch of crap!!! What is all this BULL SHIT!!!

But still... I believe that I am cool.
I thank the holy Lord for that, because he has prepared me for this. Alhamdulillah.

Even though I still haven't made back my $$$, I think I deserve this. For wanting to get rich so quickly. Or at least if not get rich, have lots of $$$ quickly. LOL!

And to say I lost just a few pennies???
Well... it could've been the case at first. But.... Since I re-upgraded by USD750,
I think if indeed ST has run away, I've lost quite a lot. And plus the fact that I'm
in a country where the US to MYCURRENCY is almost 4.00, that ads another spurgy twist to the whole story (what ever SPLURGY is!!! LOL!)

I have concluded. :)


Anyone care to share their opinions?

Thanks :)